Making Whatsapp bot on Node.JS. Step-by-step guide and source code repository

Made a manual for Whatsapp's chatboat on Node Js.

With our WhatsApp API Gateway you can send and read messages, send files (different formats: doc, jpg, mp3, png, ptt, pdf) to create groups, send geolocations and much more!

Use the ready-made bot code on the node to create your own simple chat bot. Then you can integrate the bot into your CRM / ERP / any system

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We have described each code fragment in detail so that even the most beginner programmers could understand

Dozens of people have already found this article and are implementing their first chat rooms. Hurry up! 


Send instant real-time notifications to WhatsApp, wherever your client is located. This gives you a faster reading speed and can be cheaper than an SMS!

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