Chat API Update Digest

We haven't talked about updates for a long time. A lot has been done during this time.

A complete messengers API documentation of our service has been prepared and shared. You can study it at the link:

We’ve added support for web sockets, making it easier to manage your account and broader opportunities to use bots. Now you can change a larger number of instance settings. Made an extension for secure authentication: if your account is registered less than a month ago, you need to go through secure authentication to reduce the likelihood of blocking.

Implemented support for the http protocol. Files that you send, now do not have to be placed on the https server. Added caption in location, made correct logout, which now terminates the session completely. Added full statuses, full information about the instance and now you do not need to restart the instance after setting. We took into account the changes in the masked numbers in different countries (Indonesia, Brazil). And much more.

We work every day to improve the service! Soon there will be new releases, follow our news.

Feel free to reach out and share your experiences or ask any questions.

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