We updated the documentation

Good news for everyone!
We continue to update the Chat API methods and, by popular demand, we are introducing the following features:


/setName - Change the user name
/setStatus - Change user status
/typing - sends the "Writing" status to the chat
/recording - Sends the status "recording audio"to the chat
/outputIP - Allows you to get the ip address of the instance
/checkPhone - Check whether a user with the specified phone number exists in messengers
/pinChat - Pin a dialog or group
/unpinChat - Unpin a dialog or group
/unreadChat - Mark a dialog or group as "unread"
/leaveGroup - Leave the group
/removeChat - Delete a dialog or group
/me - Get information about an authorized user

Keep following the updates, there will be many more interesting things!

With best wishes, your Chat API team!

Feel free to reach out and share your experiences or ask any questions.

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